Storytime: beautifully painted doors

    Santa Cruz del Quiche, Guatemala is a pleasant little town with a bustling plaza in the middle of it all. Fast moving tuk tuks fill the streets, the smell of fresh bread from the local panaderia floats through the air and there is a congested yet captivating market to the left of a beautiful cathedral. It’s about an hours drive from Chichicastenango, a popular tourist destination and a short drive to some pretty cool Mayan Ruins.

This was the first of 11 countries in my travels last year and I remember I was wide-eyed like a fish out of water, mesmerized by everything I saw. I fell in love with the architecture with every building possessing its own personality, decorated with an array of beautiful bright colors, some freshly painted and some showing their age under the slow decay. El Quiche’s population consists of mainly ingenious Mayan people so it was normal to see women donned in their traditional Mayan head wraps, intricately woven tops and wrapped way too tight skirts, trust me, I walked in their Independence Day parade wearing these beautiful pieces and I could hardly breathe.

On my way to ministry or into town to get Wifi or a delicious chocolate covered donut from Regi Cafe with friends, I would pass dozens of vibrant colored doors. I gravitated towards these mysterious facades always wondering what was behind them. I sought refuge under them as torrential rain came down out of nowhere or a tuk tuk came zooming around the corner with a last minute warning of a high squealing horn.

When I look at this photograph I'm reminded of the sweet time of the beginning of a journey, walking the streets of a place and getting lost in the newness of it all. Falling in love with the people getting excited over new foods and being captivated by something as simple as a beautifully painted door.